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United States
You can also find me on:

Art trades: Closed
Commissions: open
Requests: closed
Roleplay: closed currently, focusing on school

Feel free to draw fan art of my characters. I always love fan art.

I specialize in both digital art and Traditional art, and i may post a story here or there. But i am also a self taught artist

Hey, name's Hannah.

Here's all you need to know about me: I love drawing, always striving to improve, and i'm Fandom trash, Big time nerd also.

My childhood was made up of Invader Zim mostly, Loony Toons, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and the old Nick Cartoons Such as Rugrats.


Rayne Hyde in Cartoon Style
Just wanted to use some prisma color markers I don't get to use often. So I drew Rayne since he is mostly in black.
Wha- a Voice? Who are you?
Occurs after, that very evening:…
Yeah Oswald's totally taking Axton's advice! Totally! 

Now before we start I'm going to say that it will be a while before Axton takes full physical control/ mental of Oswald. So in till then he will be a astral image/ voice.


Oswald spent the rest of the day and well in to the evening researching the perfect formula for the duality effect on human's and working on the cure as well, considering he'd have to change factors in both. It was around midnight when he finally found out what he needed through reading his many chemical books in the loft. The loft was a room with the walls practically lined with cabinets and shelves filled with books, chemicals, and scientific equipment. It was mostly a rectangular shaped room with a square extending off the side for the stairwell leading to Oswald's office. One wall didn't have any shelves, only a desk in the middle, a small window to the right, and another desk with a chemistry set on top of it. Oswald luckily had some of the chemical salt he needed and made a note to himself to order more. Writing on the slip the chemical name and the shop he originally bought it from. Oswald then finished mixing all necessary chemicals together, when he stirred in the salt, the formula turned from purple to a watery green. At his side on chemistry desk was his journal and a writing utensil. He wrote a brief entry about his discovery, the formula recipe he wrote in english, as some of the names he didn't know in French and so couldn't use his coded writing style. He also wrote the new cure recipe in english as it required chemicals he also didn't know in French.  

Oswald then wrote: 'I'll be injecting formula HJ-7 directly in to my body as I did with the rats. 8mL of the new formula.'

He then rolled up his sleeve having already removed his vest but not bothering with his tie. He then filled a syringe with the formula and disinfected the area he would be stabbing the syringe in to. He was using his right arm to be the one to get the injection since he was left handed, and he then stabbed himself with the syringe, injecting the formula into him. He removed the syringe and began bandaging the wound as it started to bleed. After he finished he then began to write in his notebook again.

'I feel light headed, no signs of any behavioral differences, a feel a strong heat,' 

The word trailed off in the page as Oswald felt such a great pain in his head and throughout his body. His eyes widened as he fell to the ground his breath taken away, as he clutched his head, trying with all his will not to scream. As to not awake his servants, but he couldn't help it, he let out a cry of pain as he lay on the floor. The pain racking his mind and body for a few minutes longer before fading away. It was as if nothing ever happened. Oswald lay there breathing heavily as he started to sit up, he was staring at the rest of the room, having fallen and ended up facing away from his desk. 

Hello? A voice said. 

Oswald looked around, "Who's there?" He called. Then stopped, he saw no one, that meant this voice was coming from his mind.

Who’s there is an interesting question as I do not know who necessarily, other than yes, I am inside your head. It responded.

"That means, my formula worked! Finally!" Oswald said standing shakily. He used his desk for support as he quickly scrawled down: 'Experiment was a success, the formula worked.' 

Yes, that does mean success, you know this can be the start to a new beginning. 

“Who knows what you and I together are capable of,” Oswald remarked. “Who knows the formula’s full effects in humans!”

Indeed, who knows what we’re capable of. Which is why we need to go and see it for ourselves! 

“Yes, but not tonight. It’s late, I need rest. But first what shall I call you? The Voice isn’t really fitting,” Oswald remarked with a small chuckle. 

The voice seemed to be thinking, for it had grown silent now. Than after a minute or so it spoke again, Hyde for now. 

“Alright then, Hyde it is. This is such an exciting discovery!” Oswald gushed, “I knew it would work!” He said. 

Hyde seemed annoyed by Oswald’s remarks but he hid this from the other well and he just seemed to smile. I’m glad you're thrilled, now let’s get to bed. He said calmly. Oswald nodded leaving his lab after grabbing his vest and shutting the lab door. He exited his office, went down the hall, entered his room, and then went to bed.  

A Night Out


Lucille was happy to come along with Henry and John as their escort/ guard. Besides she needed to get out of the society and devote a night to relaxation. John and Henry needed that to, and besides she'd get to see the adorable couple in subtle action, she couldn't pass that up! So she, John, and Henry was walking to a tavern near the society that she knew accepted magical beings. The trio was walking there since they couldn't take a cab there and if it was ten minutes away what was the point. Lucille was a few paces ahead of them, a spring in her step that matched Henry's. The trio soon made their way in to a side street and Lucille knocked on a door, the door opened to reveal a older woman, she smiled at seeing Lucille and John but glared at Henry, hand flexing. "Why tis zhere a human?"

"He's my mate," John said stepping forward sensing she might be getting ready to attack. 

"Ve'll see," She said walking toward Henry, and Henry taking a slight step back before she pressed a hand to his chest and the symbol on his back and John's chest glowed faintly. "Alvight! Come!" She said smiling as she lead them inside. John kept his cool and walked beside Henry, Lucille in front of the two behind the older woman. They went down a stairwell to a large open room that was the bar. It had a warm fire going strongly near the back. Several others were sitting at tables, one of them a women with cat ears, a leg of a lizard, and the tail of a goat. Lucille lead them to a booth by the fire and sat down.

"Sorry about that Henry," Lucille said.

"It's fine, they have every right to be paranoid," Henry said.

A bartender walks up to their booth smiling and flips open her small book and has a quill ready. She had brown hair pulled back in a ponytail and wore a brown and white dress with a stained apron over it. "What can I get you three?" She asked.

"Glass of red wine for Blondie, my usual, and tankard of beer for the middle man," Lucille said.

She wrote it all done and nodded walking off her tail with a snake head at the end pointing out at the bottom of her dress. 

"Don't ask us why don't ya," John said eyeing Lucille.

"I know you three, I've known you three for a long time," Lucille said. "I know what you like to drink by now."

"She's right you know," Henry said the situation from earlier fading from his mind. John sighed in response and Henry squeezed John's hand from underneath the table a smile on his face. "Now let's enjoy tonight," He said.

"I second that motion," Lucille said.

"I third it," John said smiling at Henry. 

Lucille couldn't help but smile, tonight was going to be a great night, she knew it. Then the bartender returned with their drinks, she set down a few shots in front of Lucille, set down a tankard in front of John, and a wine glass in front of Henry. "Enjoy! And blood can be delivered when you two want it," She said to John and Lucille. Lucille and John nodded as she left, the three soon took a few drinks of their alcohol. John smiled as he set down his drink as Henry  set down his glass smiling staring down at it. He hadn't been able to enjoy spending time in bars like he used to due to Edward Hyde. John squeezed Henry's hand smiling.

"This reminds me of a funny story," Lucille said smiling. 

"What does?" Henry asked.

"Being here again, makes me think back to when me, the owner, and the head bartender," Lucille gestured to the older man behind the bar counter, he had brown hair streaked with gray tied in a tight ponytail. "Well it was the funniest thing when we went out for a walk about the town, and the old woman, her name I cannot pronounce to save my life, and the bartender decided to make a bet if the bartender could get away with messing with some policemen. Now the bartender is a shadow Mortis, species of mortal shadow demons, and it was the funniest thing to see him messing with those constables and investigator in a shadowy cloud!" She chuckled.

"That was you!" John said sounding surprised. 

"Oh my god that was you!" She said now laughing, Henry was laughing as well. John angrily took a drink from his tankard, but he chuckled soon after remember that was hilarious. "Makes me think of when Isaac and I was on a case and he ended up falling in to the canal due to him being a klutz."

"I remember that! He came back so angry at you!" Henry said laughing now covering his mouth. 

Lucille smiled as the two men beside her were laughing. She downed her second shot glass. Henry and John after they finished laughing both took a drink the trio continued on talking, telling stories, telling jokes and enjoying each other's company for a few more hours before returning home all three tipsy. 


Cartoon Style (Traditional)
Commission for traditional art work done in my cartoon style. 
Sketch tradtional
It can be of any oc doing anything (other than mature stuff violence is okay though) and is shaded and detailed in pen/ pencil and can have some color if you want. 
Oc reference sheet (Digital)
A reference sheet for a character, it can be described to me, or it can be a redesign of a preexisting image. I can do gems, humans, furries, and animals. 
Digital Sketch (Simple shading)
A request for a simply drawn digital piece and shaded, not to much detail and simple shading. 
Digital Sketch (Complicated shading)
Can be anything you wish digitally fully shaded and detailed. Backgrounds, just say what you would like
Done on paper or canvas and can be of any requested subject matter that I can draw. 
Speed paints
Where I make a speed paint of a commission you request. The commission has to be digital and can be simply shaded or complexly shaded




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