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This is an adorable and charming picture. The expressions are amazing, yet the coloring in some places i find a bit off setting to me. ...

Okay this looks amazing and the shading and lighting are perfect. The coloring is very well detailed and the posture and antimony are a...

by Aadavy

Okay first off this is such a beautiful piece and I love how you transfer feelings in to your artwork that makes the viewer feel someth...

by Cyvine

Alright you did an amazing job with the antimony and the poses and expressions are amazing. Your also did a amazing job on the glowing ...






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No i did not draw my Profile Picture. It was drawn by Ethen Beavers and the characters designed by chris battle.

You can also find me on:

Art trades: Closed
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Roleplay: closed currently, focusing on school (Will be open again during Fall break, of in USA Thanksgiving break)
Feel free to draw fan art of my characters. I always love fan art.

I specialize in both digital art and Traditional art, and i may post a story here or there. But i am also a self taught artist

Hey, name's Hannah.

Here's all you need to know about me: I love drawing, always striving to improve, and i'm Fandom trash, Big time nerd also.

My childhood was made up of Invader Zim mostly, Loony Toons, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and the old Nick Cartoons Such as Rugrats.


In Ipsum
The boat landed in the port that lead to Ipsum. The group decided to send Cleopatra and Demitri ahead to see if the way was safe for the rest of the group. So, the two made their way, standing out like sore thumbs but not caring to the capitol of Alemen, and to the sanctuary. While on the way, Lucille, in bat form was flying in search for food when she spotted a female dark green haired young woman. She let out an excited squeak and dived toward her, overshooting the landing of in front of her and instead collided with her face. 

"GAAHH!" Cleopatra called shocked and surprised. Demitri jumped back looking shocked. Cleopatra saw the bat start to slide off and caught it. She soon recognized the hair and smiled sighing. "Lucille." 

"Wait, you know that vampire?" Demitri asked.

"Long story," Cleo said.

"Cleo! What on Somnios brings you here to Ipsum?" Lucille asked straightening and perching on one of Cleo's hands.

"That is also a long story, but long story short we had to evacuate from Trinity," She said.


"A war was about to break out, and we took the offer to leave," Demitri said.

"Oh my! So you need to go to my brother?" Lucille asked.

Cleopatra nodded, though slightly confused. "Brother?"

"Right it's been a few years since i mentioned him!" Lucille said. "Now follow me!" She then flew off of Cleo's hand and lead the two to the former society. 

It was three in the morning and Henry, was asleep in the library while Damian was waiting for Lucille to return. He sat in the main hall near the door. It was around that time, when Henry woke up, noticing he fell asleep over a book stood up and left the library to return to bed when there was a knock at the door. He turned and walked down the steps, straightening his hair. Damian stood and opened it and saw Lucille in a women's hand with a taller young man behind her.

"Lucille! What? Who are these two?" Damian asked.

Henry approached, "Lucille what is the meaning of this?"

"Hear them out," Lucille said she appeared excited.

So Cleopatra explained there story, and what happened. After she finished, Henry blinked shocked and Damian was not surprised.

"Oh my, well we have room for everyone you have with you," Henry said.

"Is there a way to sneak people in from outside the city to here?" The young man behind Cleo asked.

Damian shrugged and Lucille perked up. She gestured her wings to Cleo and said, "She should remember this, but i know a way!" 

"Oh right! I do remember that," Cleo said thinking back. 

"I'm not entirely sure," Henry said.

"It's how Archer got in," Lucille said. 

"Look, just show us where it is so we can get everyone from the boat to here safely," Demitri said.

"Fine, come on!" Lucille called flying off Cleo's hand and leading Demitri and Cleo to the tunnel entrance.

"Well that just happened," Damian said and Henry nodded, yawning as he did so. 

"Well, good night," Henry said turning and going back up the stairs to his room and falling asleep to tired to stay up. 

Damian sighed as he made the preparations for all that was going to be brought here. 
Male Body type/ anatomy Practice
*realizes males were so much easier to draw than females when i always thought of them as the opposite* 


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