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Magic is a funny thing by Drawing-Heart

This is an adorable and charming picture. The expressions are amazing, yet the coloring in some places i find a bit off setting to me. ...

Let the Nightmare Begin by SkyBreeze-MasterMC

Okay this looks amazing and the shading and lighting are perfect. The coloring is very well detailed and the posture and antimony are a...

Flowing Serenity by Aadavy
by Aadavy

Okay first off this is such a beautiful piece and I love how you transfer feelings in to your artwork that makes the viewer feel someth...

It's you and me, Spinel. Let's fuse. by Cyvine
by Cyvine

Alright you did an amazing job with the antimony and the poses and expressions are amazing. Your also did a amazing job on the glowing ...




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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
No i did not draw my Profile Picture. It was drawn by Ethen Beavers and the characters designed by chris battle.

You can also find me on:

Art trades: Closed
Commissions: closed
Requests: closed
Roleplay: closed currently, focusing on school (Will be open again during Fall break, of in USA Thanksgiving break)
Feel free to draw fan art of my characters. I always love fan art.

I specialize in both digital art and Traditional art, and i may post a story here or there. But i am also a self taught artist

Hey, name's Hannah.

Here's all you need to know about me: I love drawing, always striving to improve, and i'm Fandom trash, Big time nerd also.

My childhood was made up of Invader Zim mostly, Loony Toons, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and the old Nick Cartoons Such as Rugrats.


Steven Universe and Tokyo Ghoul crossover AU

Well, Rose Quartz or in this world Rozu Sekiei was a ghoul. She lead a gang that terrorized the 13th district for a time in Tokyo with her second in command being pearl. These weren't there original names but new names since joining the group. Garnet is the child of Ruby a male ghoul and Sapphire a female ghoul. Amethyst is a ghoul that was taken in by Rose and they did serious damage to the doves and humans. Rose eventually disbanded the group after meeting and falling in love with Greg who was going to be her intended next meal. SO the two married and had a child, he had the lucky chance of being one of the few strong half breeds. His name is Seiichi Sekiei or Steven, as he prefers to be called. Shortly after  he was born his mother was killed by doves to allow Greg, pearl, garnet, and amethyst to escape. Garnet's parents died as well at the hands of the doves on the same day. SO the group raised Steven in a small book shop they own.

Connie's family was transferred to Tokyo from the American division of the CCG. She is aspiring to become a investigator like both of her parents and spends all her time studying. She does however want a friend and ends up meeting Steven at his family's book shop/ car wash which is owned by Greg. The book shop was added by the gems. Upstairs is also a coffee shop for ghouls only.

Steven's koginae comes out from his upper shoulder and wraps around his arm to form a shield to attack and defend. Pearl's is similar to her spears, she can summon two. It wraps her arms and it's shades of blue white and red with Stevens being pink. It wraps around in spirals engulfing her hands to form the point. Steven's left eye is his ghoul eye. Amethyst's comes out at her lower back like a thin spiky tail that functions as her whip. She can only summon one however.Garnet's comes out in the middle of her upper back in between the shoulder blades. It forms an armored visor over her head and two wrap around her arms like armor  and engulfs her first with spikes at the end. She can shoot the spikes and use them like her gauntlets.

Kevin is a ghoul who's dating Jamie. Also, steven hates being a ghoul. He hates having to consume flesh he hates what he is but lives with it. Pearl also teaches him  how to blend in and school, but he has Connie to keep him company, at least in till she leaves to go to the academy. Connie will later become an investigator. Her quinca is a large broad sword that is very light weight.

(When he's wearing his mask he's called the Rose by the CCG due to his mask looking like a rose with the center looking like the flower from Lars and the Cool kids) him and Connie end up fighting all the time which is usually to buy time for other ghouls. And Connie's parents end up getting killed by ghouls, well one does the other was paralyzed from the waist down.

Bismuth, she left when the group disbanded and is searching for Rose. She moved to the 20th ward and is making her way up to look. Lapis, Jasper, and Peridot are former members of Rose's gang but they left not liking where the group was going after she had met Greg. They joined another gang and they caused enough trouble to be wanted by the CCG. Lapis was arrested and sent to the prison where Kanneki ends up going to in season 2. (Forgot name although i watched the episode yesterday). She is also tortured for information by the CCG for five years. Jasper is on the run settling in a local gang and keeping  a down low. Peridot is currently in hiding as well in plain sight. She works as a mail sorter for the CCG.

Lapis' koginae is a chimera. It can turn from wings to whip thin like tails. Jasper's is one that forms a helm and spike covered tails coming off the back sending spikes at targets. Peridot's koginae is a laser that wraps around her arm firing spikes at her enemies.
Tokyo Ghoul and Steven Universe AU
Yep i like Tokyo Ghoul, i love that show. I came up with all of this on the bus. 
I have decided to not do a full blown comic, it shall just single pictures with stories with them. I know i just don't feel like it anymore. I apologize but i need to focus on school. I still draw art for pokemon and my storyline just not full blown comic. I'm sorry everyone. Please forgive me for suddenly ending this project although it will continue in a way in snid bits. 
  • Listening to: Louder than words by Les Friction
  • Reading: Ultra Violets
  • Drinking: El aqua
"They're No More" By Silvia Thorton

The council has just released the following proclamation: "Citizens of our community, including the Mortis Regenae, you of all races need to listen and heed these words.The Mortis Regenae are the only demon race left on this earth and in the other world. We are aware of how shocking this news must be, but with the exception of a few Imortalis Demons remaining they are no more. The Imortalis can not reproduce so although they are powerful there are now few left. Due to raging wars in the Celestial Plains. Mortis Regenae, you must tread carefully and stay alive. Survive and thrive. I know that's difficult with the human crisis. The council is sure you will survive.'-Mortis and Imortalis proclamation  

Yes it is true the demons are depleted, and it makes me wander. What fate is taking hold of this world? But the council did pass the the following law: 'The demon species Mortis Regenae shall be protected by law in the magical community. No harm shall come to there numbers from the magical world, the human world is a different story. Those who defy this law shall be punished severely.' -Mortis and Imortalis proclamation  

Today is the last meeting of the Council's conference and I shall be returning home and covering the usual.
They're No more Article
It seems that things are not looking good for the demons on the celestial plains with only one capable species remaining they are now protected under law. 
"It's No Longer Safe" By Silvia Thorton          

          The human population is no longer as tolerant of the magical races as they use to be. This is a law and a recommendation from the council of magical beings. Hide, blend in, the human's in all countries have caused massacres of magical species driving some to extinction. The florawind the sweetest bird in history is gone, extinct. The human's killed them to harvest their magic to power there weapons to kill more of us. The elves have even fled Sarengale to their home. Nowhere is safe for us. Organizations that laid in hiding have come in to the light and formerly being seen as bad are now heroes to the race. That leaves us to resort to conforming to their ways instead of us living in harmony, many are trying to figure out how and why this sudden change occurred. Many speculate is was built up over hundreds of years and yet no one knows for sure. All we can do is hide, blend in, and hopefully still keep our societys but on the down low.

            But no one know's for sure. When i interviewed councilmen Arin Exin he had interesting ideas and theories on the topic.

"Hmm, I have an idea on why the humans are suddenly so power hungry and controlling. One is that the gods are no longer maintaining the peace and allowing us to choose and forge our own path. Now the human race has always seeked power and control, it's in their nature to harvest what they don't understand. And our world is full of things more powerful than they. Which they do not understand us and our magic. So I assume that need to control us has formed since they first discovered us but was repressed and when there was trouble the gods solved it. However, now things are drastically different. The human's as the president of Lumenta, Torushen Comeri said: 'We want to claim what is rightfully ours.' So Miss Silvia I wish you the best of luck for I must go."  

             I perfectly agree with Arin but I also got a hold of councilwoman Toshiro Homata, and here's her thoughts on the matter: "The humans are indeed overstepping their bounds. They have overthrown the balance, and yet we can do nothing. We must deal with this change. However, I have feeling there is more to this than meets the eye. These organizations could have planted the ideas in the leader's heads over the years in till they conceded and started to allow them to kill us off. To wipe our existence from this planet. May the gods help us in our endeavor to live."

           I perfectly agree and I hope that the gods help us in our time of need and give us strength. But, there is a ray of hope, the Society of Scientifically Gifted Minds has sent a statement to the council declaring that they shall be a safe haven to any of the magical world beings unable to make it in the world. There is also safe havens similar popping up all over the world! So there is hope. And the Council and other organizations in our world is doing the best to fund them so they will stay going strong.
It's no Longer Safe article
This is an article by famous journalist for a newspaper in the magical world that the humans are starting to take there place as the dominant species and warning all to hide. Luckily humans can't read this paper since it's enchanted and it's also in Valeic a language that the magical world writes in to keep there articles safe. 

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