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This is an adorable and charming picture. The expressions are amazing, yet the coloring in some places i find a bit off setting to me. ...

Let the Nightmare Begin by SkyBreeze-MasterMC

Okay this looks amazing and the shading and lighting are perfect. The coloring is very well detailed and the posture and antimony are a...

Flowing Serenity by Aadavy
by Aadavy

Okay first off this is such a beautiful piece and I love how you transfer feelings in to your artwork that makes the viewer feel someth...

It's you and me, Spinel. Let's fuse. by Cyvine
by Cyvine

Alright you did an amazing job with the antimony and the poses and expressions are amazing. Your also did a amazing job on the glowing ...




Miss-dreamerkat's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
No i did not draw my Profile Picture. It was drawn by Ethen Beavers and the characters designed by chris battle.

You can also find me on:

Art trades: Closed
Commissions: closed
Requests: closed
Roleplay: closed currently, focusing on school (Will be open again during Fall break, of in USA Thanksgiving break)
Feel free to draw fan art of my characters. I always love fan art.

I specialize in both digital art and Traditional art, and i may post a story here or there. But i am also a self taught artist

Hey, name's Hannah.

Here's all you need to know about me: I love drawing, always striving to improve, and i'm Fandom trash, Big time nerd also.

My childhood was made up of Invader Zim mostly, Loony Toons, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and the old Nick Cartoons Such as Rugrats.


Henry's scolding by Miss-dreamerkat
Henry's scolding… <- Part 1

Sorry for poor picture quality again, scanner wasn't working when i did it yesterday, now it is. 

Damian walked toward his father's room and entered without knocking. He was shirtless with the bandages acting as his shirt due to the electricity burn. Henry turned and seeing his son sighed. "Damian i'm busy."

"Dad i have something to tell you that can't wait." Damian said calmly.

"Alright," Henry sighed, "Sit down."

Damian did so, sitting on the edge of his father's bed and looking at the man. His dad was shrinking once five six and now five three and thin. "Dad, i turned John in to a vampire." 

Henry froze eyes widening in shock and then in anger. "DAMIAN! WHY?" He yelled flustered and blushing.

"I thought he needed to learn a lesson," Damian said looking down.

"Look i know John has turned in to something awful but that doesn't mean you be that impulsive! Be responsible!" Henry said.

"Look i know this! I've been telling myself that! I just got caught in the moment," He said that last part quietly. 

"That still doesn't mean he deserved that," Henry started.

"DAD! How can you still love him after all he has put you through?!" Damian yelled now angry.

Henry blushed. "I- You will not yell at me like that! You'll be going with Maria to gather food in Lucille's place tonight!" He turned and Damian stormed out. He hated going out with Maria, he loved Maria dearly. The Mortis regenae and her daughter are the kindest people he had met. But it's good he left then, for Henry had tears in his eyes as he sat down head in his hands. 

'Henry,' Edward said.

"Not now," Henry said, he felt torn he did still love John but yet he also hated him. Why did it have to be so complicated?!

'Life sucks don't it," Edward said. 

Henry was angry and still feeling torn as he sat there listening to Edward. 
Damian's 'talking' to by Miss-dreamerkat
Damian's 'talking' to
(Sorry about poor photo quality, my scanner wasn't working at the time.)

It had been a few days since the Hunter's attack and the main hall's repairs were still occurring. Lucille however couldn't dismiss those feelings over what happened. The shock, anger, frustration with her nephew's carelessness was driving her mad. She sighed eye she found twitching which it had been doing more often lately when she sat alone and in thought. She stood up, she was going to take action. First she was going to scold Damian and then tell Henry what happened if Sophie hadn't already. She opened the door to her room and entered one of the many branching hallways. She swore this place had an enchantment on it to make it bigger on the inside than it appears from outside. She walked to Damian's room knowing the way from Henry's tour while on the way to her room just only a few weeks ago. She walked down the hall and made a left and then began counting the doors mentally stopping when she got to the sixth one down and opened the door.Damian was in the middle of applying bandages where John electrocuted him during the fight. 

"Damian, we need to talk," Lucille said glaring as she slammed the door shut.

"I know what it's about," He said focusing on the task at hand his shirt unbuttoned.

"Good! No introduction to the topic," She replied with a smile. "I don't think you should of done that! That was impulsive! Irresponsible! And above all else abusing your power! No matter who he was or what he did."

Damian seemed to freeze head still held in that position. He knew it was wrong, he knew it. He had been beating himself up over it for the past few days. The guilt tearing away at his insides leaving him up crying at night in till he cried himself hoarse. 

"Further more," Lucille started stopping when she saw him turn around a annoyance on his face.

Damian pointed at her glaring. "Don't you think i know that! It has been tearing me up inside! And you have done horrible things yourself hypocrite!" 

Lucille glared shoving aside the hand. "DON'T you DARE talk back to me! This is about your actions and choices!"

"I am stating the truth! Don't you not think i don't know about some of the things YOU done. Lucille you are no saint, you have killed, murdered, tore families apart and killed even children! You also bit me on an impulse!" Damian shot back.

Lucille stepped back glaring, she couldn't believe it, she had lost her cause. "I'm telling your father what happened!"

"No. I will." Damian said stepping around her and buttoning up his shirt as he marched to his father's room.
Question by Miss-dreamerkat
Just wanting to know your opinion. I'm not feeling bad about my art style! I've come a long way... Okay I am. What happens when most of your friends are really good artists that you consider better than you.
Elven adopt (points) by Miss-dreamerkat
Elven adopt (points)
Just drew a random elf design. I'm not going to use him, so i figured i could get some points out of him. He's going to be fifty points, but if you want to just due a combo of 25 points plus a drawing of him you can. Comment if you want him and to use him. Mention me when you draw his ref if he does get adopted. 

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